Travellers Worldwide volunteers really do make a difference to our projects. And the impact is mutual! Click here to read a story of one such fabulous volunteer, Annika Rees.

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Are you interested in funding a meaningful project for an amazing international non-profit organization?

The projects are amazing, the impact astounding and the funding is your decision, from as little as 1 a week you can make an incredible difference.

If you are struggling to find a gift for someone, adopting a project is a great idea! Honour a memory, give a gift, help a furry friend or lonely child and Adopt-A-Project today. Learn more...


The Ivory Trade

An interesting article by Claire Sterling on the plight of elephants because of the Ivory Trade. Read more...

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Travellers Worldwide Voluntary Projects

Travellers Worldwide provides worthwhile, exciting and beneficial  voluntary placements overseas

Photo of the week

Volunteer Kimberly Underwood loved helping out with the group

Children with Down syndrome or who are visually impaired visit the Rehabilitation centre on a school tour. Volunteer Kimberly Underwood loved helping out with the group. Read More ...

Care for Orphans in Ghana

Care for Orphans in Ghana

Conservation Facts...

The endangered Panda

The black and white Panda bear is one of the most loved animals in the world. Unfortunately, it's also endangered and is found only in China. There are about 1.600 pandas left in the wild. Read More ...


Can you donate to help the people and animals of knysna who have lost everything they have in the great Knysna Fire? Travellers Worldwide (who work with lots of children's projects and animal clinics there) are doing everything possible to give basic necessities to the children they work with who literally only have the clothes they stand up in.

To read the about the devastation caused by the fire, please

 Your donation, no mater how small, will make a HUGE difference!

The BTG Foundation supports many communities at grassroots level by providing funding where it is need, in underprivileged communities to disadvantaged children and abused and threatened animals.

We work together with Travellers Worldwide to provide practical, hands-on help. TWW volunteers work in Third World countries in many different areas, for example:

  • helping to teach language and academic subjects to poverty-stricken children,
  • caring for orphans and abused children
  • working with the community to develop business and social infrastructures
  • assisting with much-needed conservation and research with wildlife
  • caring for abused, orphaned and threatened animals and preparing them to rehabilitation and release back into the wild to lead a natural life


Our strategic goal is to make a measurable and sustainable difference in communities by:

  • Promoting and supporting initiatives/projects that benefit the education of rural, underprivileged, orphaned, handicapped or disabled children
  • Promoting, fostering and supporting initiatives and projects that contribute to the conservation of the environment, wildlife, and the biodiversity of species, including research programs, the re-introduction of species, the care and rehabilitation of fauna and flora
  • promoting and fostering environmental education
  • encouraging the donation, collection and bequesting of funding to support these initiatives.

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Over the last 30 years, CROW have rescued, rehabilitated and released thousands of animals back into the Wild, thanks to all the volunteers and staff there !
Keep up the good work, everyone. You're wonderful!

If you'd like to read more about CROW and the work they do, and about how you can volunteer at the Centre, please
click here