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The Bridge The Gap Foundation guarantees that 100% of the  monies raised through your sponsorship of Andy's Narathon Run will go to these worthwhile projects. Any unforseen costs will be met by Travellers Worldwide.



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Andy with baby elephant in Thailand

Andy comforting baby elephant in Thailand

14 April - for your diary

 Orphans in Zambia

Rescued wild horses


Brighton Marathon - 14 April 2013, in aid of:

1. The Community Medical Clinic in Cambodia
2. The Linda Community School and Orphanage in Zambia
3.The Wild Horse Rescue Centre in the USA
4. The Elephant Sanctuary in Surin in Thailand

Although Andy's been running for fun for a number years, this will be his first marathon and is proving to be a extraordinary hard challenge as he builds his fitness and ramps up the miles every week. He claims to be driving the rest of us mad talking about it - which is true - but as he is doing it in support of some very worthwhile projects, we forgive him :-)

The money raised from Andy's  run will be donated to four incredible projects from underprivileged communities to disadvantaged children and abused and threatened animals:

1. Community Medical Clinic in Cambodia.

This clinic is based a few miles outside Siem Reap, close to the Angkor Wat Temple, where the communities are extremely poor with little support. The clinic is small and basic; when Andy visited it, an elderly local farmer was receiving treatment for a leg injury he got in the rice fields. The fact is that without this clinic his situation would be very desperate. Any money raised will go towards buying new medical stock for the clinic. This will hopefully relieve some pressure on the clinic as it's very dependent on outside support.
You can sponsor Andy and help this Clinic by clicking here

2. The Linda Community School in Zambia

This school is also an orphanage that supports children living in the Livingston area. The school is extremely poor and in desperate need of any help. Andy will be visiting the school later this year so will personally oversee how the money is used to help the children and the school.
You can sponsor Andy and help this School/Orphanage by clicking here

3. Wild Horse Rescue Center in the USA.

A few months ago Andy was lucky enough to visit this Non-Profit Centre dedicated to the welfare, rescue and preservation of wild horses – the Mustangs. The Center rescues wild horses that have been captured and ended up in neglectful or abusive situations. The Centre lovingly rehabilitates these wild horses so they have a chance at getting adopted into good homes. The Center is a 100% dependent on donations from the public, so any money raised will go directly to helping the horses.
You can sponsor Andy and help this Wild Horse Rescue Centre by clicking here

4. The Surin Elephant Project in Thailand.

This amazing project is committed to raising awareness and supporting the plight of the Asian elephant. Having visited the site a couple of years ago and seen firsthand the stressful and demanding situation these elephants and local communities are in, Andy was amazed at just how important the work they are doing is, and the difference they make to each elephant. Their work is crucial in improving the quality of life of these discarded elehants ... and to their survival.
You can sponsor Andy and help this Elephant Sanctuary by clicking here

I feel extremely lucky to be in a position where I can tell you directly how the money raised will help make a difference. 100% of the money raised will go directly to these projects. My hope is to raise at least 400 which will be divided between the four projects and I will personally update you all on how the money is used. If you would like to learn more about of these projects or about The Bridge the Gap Foundation please don’t hesitate to ask me anytime.

To make a donation simply go to The Bridge the Gap Foundation Donation Page and select “Andy Kemp, Brighton Marathon, Project Support”.

Thanks a million for reading this and for any help you can give.

All the best Andy, Thanks from Andy for sponsoring his marathon