The children are from disadvantaged and broken homes, some are orphans and many have been abused or have siblings that are fostered out. The Volunteers help affects them immeasurably and the experience has been life-changing for many of Travellers volunteers.

Kids at the Dorothy Broster Children’s Home

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Annika & Mum in the T-shirts they designed

Annika & Mum in T-shirts they designed

After the run showing the medals!

After the run showing the medals!


Our volunteers really do make a difference to our projects. And the impact is mutual! Below is a story of one such fabulous volunteer, Annika Rees.

Travellers volunteers really do make a difference to our projects. And the impact is mutual! Below is a story of one such fabulous volunteer, Annika Rees.

Annika went to South Africa in 2010 with Travellers on a conservation and teaching placement. From initially feeling somewhat apprehensive about working with children at the start of her project, Annika ended up falling in love with one very special little girl and spending much of her time with the children at Chris Nissen Primary, as well as regular extra hours at Dorothy Broster Children’s Home after school.

On her return, Annika, along with her mum, decided to do a 10 mile run for charity raising a whopping 300 between them for text books and other gifts for her primary school and children’s home back in South Africa. Below is Annika’s email to Travellers South Africa Coordinator, Liz Tratt.

Hi Liz,

I have just sent my donation to you via the page you sent me. I have sent 300 that i have asked to be split evenly between Chris Nissen Primary School and Dorothy Broster Children's Home in South Africa. If possible I would like the school to be provided with some more age appropriate text/reference books. I would especially like these to be science and nature related, as this was the area I taught when I was there and I did notice that some of the children were keen to have access to more books. The other half of the money is to go to Dorothy Broster, but I am happy for them to use the money however they feel appropriate, as I am aware that their needs probably change regularly and they will have a better idea of what they require than me.

The money was raised by myself and my mum Linda. We took part in the Great South Run; a 10 mile run based in Portsmouth, and raised 300 through sponsorship money that our friends and family kindly donated. We both completed the run in quite good times. My mum completed it in 1 hour 40 minutes and myself a little slower in 1 hour 50 minutes. I have attached a couple of photos of us before and after the run (the child on the back of our t-shirts is a little girl called Tracey who I met at Dorothy Broster and if possible would love an update on her?).

I hope this donation proves useful to both the projects.

Many thanks, Annika Rees