Mia, Baby Jackal!

Mia, the baby black backed jackal

This is Mia, a Baby Black Backed Jackal. We think she is about 4 weeks old. She was found all on her own on the side of the road with a bite mark on her neck. We assume she might have been taken out of her den by a predator.

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Teaching in Knysna, South Africa

Teaching in Knysna, South Africa

Lions in South Africa by Hannah Jowett

Photo by Hannah Jowett


Travellers Worldwide

Travellers Worldwide LogoTravellers is a leading international provider of voluntary placements and work experience internships overseas. With over 16 years experience, they have helped thousands of volunteers an experience of a lifetime. Volunteers build their skills, make lifelong friends, and gain the great satisfaction of having contributed to a vast range of truly inspirational projects.

During this time Travellers has also supported over 300 projects worldwide through enabling them to have the free assistance of volunteers as well as by providing them with crucial funding that, in many cases, enables them to continue their marvelous work. Travellers' donations to projects take many forms, from funding children's education to building classrooms, from providing computers to regular donations to orphanages.
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Ewing Trust Company

Ewing Trust Company LogoThe Charitable Division of Ewing Trust Company Ltd has a mission to provide a comprehensive service to Trusts, Foundations, Non-Profit Organisations and Public Benefit Organisations, by supplying the expertise, legal and financial knowledge that will enable each Trust to build for itself both core capacity and competency to fulfil the vision for which the charities have been established.

The Division has been in existence for 5 years and the Trusts and organisations that they care for range from educational, religious, social upliftment and social development organisations to conservation of the wilderness and oceans, including the development of previously disadvantaged individuals.

Ewing Trust Company supports The Bridge The Gap Foundation by providing their services to the Foundation for free. They have a big heart and are greatly valued by the BTG.
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