Volunteer Case Study

 Volunteer Case Study

Click here to read a Case Study by Travellers Volunteer Gina Bishopa about the Sinethemba Street Kids Project

Grub's up!

 Grub's up! One of the friendly kitchen staff prepare one of the daily meals for the kids

One of the friendly kitchen staff prepare one of the daily meals for the kids at the Centre

We Have Hope!

The Sinethemba Motto

The Sinethemba Motto sign created by Children at the Centre

Arts & crafts

Arts & crafts handywork

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Children from the Creche

Children from the Creche

The Kids really appreciate the volunteers

Children here REALLY appreciate the assistance

Travellers donate computer and camera

SA Director, Bill Fussell donating on behalf of  Travellers Worldwide  a much needed office computer and camera to Sinethemba SA Director, Bill Fussell donating on behalf of  Travellers Worldwide  a much needed office computer and camera to Sinethemba


 Sponsor the Sinethemba Street Kids Project...

Can you sponsor a Christmas Party for the kids at the Street Kids Centre in South Africa? The project works to keep children off the streets and out of gangs, and to encourage them to stay in school. Every year we give a party for them and in lots of cases the presents they get at the Christmas Party are the only Christmas presents they get.

 Your sponsorship, not matter how small, will make a HUGE difference!

Click to donate to the Christmas Party


Children at risk are a Community problem and it needs a community solution. Everyone is responsible for helping to change the lives of these 'hopeless' children and to make them believe in themselves again. Since 2003, Sinethemba has been doing just that in leaps and bounds!

Sinethemba is registered to accommodate youth from the ages of 7 to 21 years. The backbone of the organisation is the ‘back to school’ program – which has seen 716 integrated back into the education system since the Sinethemba Street Kids Centre was founded. The children are reintegrated back into not only the education system, but also dysfunctional families that have been turned around.

Programmes that are part of the rehabilitation process are:

  • Drug and alcohol awareness programme facilitated by Knysna Drug and Alcohol Centre.
  • HIV / AIDS awareness program by BMW Love Life Centre.
  • Cookery class by two local volunteers
  • Sport development program with the emphasis on leadership and team building
  • Community outreach projects include the Outreach Pre-school accommodating 10      previously disadvantaged children (5-6 years old) and the Sinethemba Boxing Club

Since being founded the centre has also developed numerous projects, such as the Sinethemba Boxing Club or the Sunday School Outreach Program.

The Sinethemba project states that their focus area is ‘Rehabilitation of youth at risk, e.g.; street children, school dropouts, abused and neglected youth in conflict with the law and children with behavioural problems.’ It’s not hard to recognise that with a safe, friendly and caring environment these children are provided with alternatives that mean they are not forced to turn to a life of extreme poverty or crime. They are able to learn skills to that will help them develop careers. Of course, the extra-curricular programmes also offer the children an alternative to roaming the streets unsupervised.

However, the economic situation is having a profound effect on the centre and it has meant that they have had to cut back on after school activities and extra projects in the last year – if they are unable to increase their income and volunteer numbers they may be faced with overall closure.

Sinethemba has only been running for seven years, but have already produced numerous ‘role models’ – young people who have had incredibly turbulent and troubled upbringings, who have turned their lives around to become independent, successful and responsible citizens. Two such role models (Chesline & Rushaad) are currently training youngsters from the townships in the afternoons as part of a youth coaching program. They were lucky enough to represent the Western Cape and South Africa at the Homeless Street Soccer World Cup in Italy in 2009 and even went on to win the City Cup of Milan after being ranked 18 out of 48 in the world! Since returning, they have been the driving force behind this initiative, further illustrating the success of Sinethemba at mentoring them to become good leaders!

If Sinethemba has no option but to downscale their operations or even more catastrophically, close their doors, what will happen to the street children from this area? These innocent children have done no wrong, they have just been born into poverty. They are in desperate need of donations, both financially and also in time! If you’d like to volunteer at the centre, please click HERE for more details on our volunteer programme, run through Travellers Worldwide.

If you’d like to donate funds to the project, please click on the link below. To provide for one child for one month costs as little as 50 - including food, travel, clothing and educational material. Therefore, any amount that you can spare will be greatly appreciated and will go a long way to helping the centre stay open, keeping the children off the streets and helping to provide them with fantastic opportunities for a better life.

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